The Advantages of the Paper Bags with Envioronmental Rope Handles

In current days, purchasing became a fashion mode, especially for some ladies, then what kind of the bags you should choose? Here I strongly recommend you to select the economy paper bags with rope handles rather than the traditional plastic bags because of its economy and stronger characterize.

environmental paper rope


There are some misunderstood in many consumers: the paper bag with handles seems higher noble, and the price of the paper bags with handles should be more expensive than the plastic bags, then some of consumers hesitate to buy these recycled handles bags. In fact, these paper bags with handles are more economic and cheaper, why say so? Because the plastic bag only can be used one time, and the times of the application are less than these recycled handles bags, but the economic paper bags with handles can be used many times. Moreover, the paper handles bags are easier to print some pictures, which are more colorful. Another point of is the recycled paper bags with rope handles can be used for advertising and the promotion.

        Cloth Paper bag for handles


The traditional plastic bags are easier to damaged, if you would like let the plastic became stronger, the the cost can not avoid. Therefore, the environmental paper bags with rope handles can easier solve this problem, except for its strong characteristics, it is also with these characteristics: waterproof, soft paper handles, beautiful outside and so on. Although these paper bags with soft handles are more expensive than traditional plastic bags, it has bigger valuates than plastic bags.


     Asun Paper Company can provide you these kind of paper bags rope handles, we have various styles for your kindly options, especially for the paper bags purchasers: the knitted paper cord, its diameter is from 3mm to 7mm, with round shape and flat shape; we also have paper braided webbing with diameter from 10mm to 55mm in single color or mixed colors. We warmly welcome you can contact us if you have any interested in the paper cord.

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