Paper rope

The use of paper rope: paper rope is mainly used in packaging products, such as paper bags, gift bundles, product packaging.

Paper rope in addition to packaging, but also widely used in furniture manufacturing, interior decoration, auto parts and other fields.

Whether the rope is environmentally friendly: some people would think, paper rope made out of paper, and paper is to cut out the trees made out, that soon tantamount to damage the environment?

Although the paper rope is made of paper rope, but the paper rope it is recyclable and then made of paper, which is a product that can be recycled.

The paper rope is absolutely environmentally friendly than the traditional rope. The traditional rope with nylon, PP, chemical fiber, plastic and other contaminated materials, not only pollute the environment, but also endanger the health. So the use of paper rope can not only reduce pollution, but also to maintain good health.

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