Paper rope VS plastic rope, which can capture the market

In the past, shops and families used mostly paper towels when bundling small items, but with the continuous development of science and technology and the rhythm of people's life, the price was cheap and strong, Fast speed quickly occupied the market, the paper rope ran in the corner of the market, become nobody cares. The reason is because the cost of the rope is relatively low, and it also has the characteristics of the previous rope can not have, that is waterproof, not afraid of wet. However, the plastic rope not only lead to the emergence of new garbage, and if the improper handling of incineration, but also cause pollution to the environment. In this case, the rope is re-emerging in some shops and families, but the use is not very wide.

As people continue to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, a new type of not afraid of wet rope developed successfully, and fully equipped with the ability to replace the rope. Because the paper rope was originally a recycled product, is made of kraft paper, recycled kraft paper, Rafi grass and other kinds of composite paper made of. It is durable, strong and environmentally friendly, recyclable, saves resources, and produces very wide raw materials. It can also be made with ordinary waste paper, and the cost of production is greatly reduced. Therefore, the paper rope after a long wait, and finally back to people's lives. A reporter also learned from the relevant environmental experts, with the health, environmental protection concept increasingly popular, the rope and its products will gradually occupy a place in the market, and the gradual expansion of the trend.

Paper rope production process of continuous improvement, but also makes the market there are a lot of paper rope products, such as paper rope, paper rope, paper cloth, paper rattan, paper Da, etc., are based on paper rope developed Of the use is also very wide, can be applied to a variety of different areas.

In the decorative materials, the people just started to use the wallpaper is made of paper, and later the price is more affordable, and not afraid of the wet wallpaper instead, but the wallpaper is also environmentally friendly, so when the market On the emergence of environmental protection, not afraid of wet, and beautiful, generous paper wallpaper, it has aroused people's attention. More developed can be used for home decoration, decoration of the paper cloth, the paper cloth is not only beautiful, stylish, but also has a waterproof, mildew function, and very consistent with environmental protection that everyone concerned about the theme. In addition, due to the use of the material in the process of easy weathering and become no longer bright, lost its original beauty, but if the use of paper cloth, you can remove this aspect of trouble. Refined paper can also be carried out on its surface antifouling treatment, making it more difficult to dirty, even if dirty, it can be more quickly to clean it off. So far, this paper cloth in some of the southern city of home decoration which has been used, the residents of the screening effect is good.

In accordance with the law of social development, the old things will always be replaced by new things, but believe that the rope between the rope and the rope is not just a simple new thing to replace the old things so simple, because environmental protection in recent years almost Is the world's people concerned about the topic, and perhaps will be an eternal topic. Therefore, the war between the rope and the rope may also continue, whether the time to keep the market, it depends on people's own choice.

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