What are the advantages of the paper cloth curtain?

There are various styles of paper cloth according to its material and braiding methods: paper cloth, printed paper cloth, gold silk paper cloth, silver silk paper cloth, gold string paper cloth, raffia paper cloth, washing paper cloth, jacquard paper cloth and striped paper cloth and so on.

Jacquard Paper Cloth

The main characteristics of the paper cloth are: waterproof, dampproof, mold proof, all of these characteristics are necessary, and the paper cloth with a strong advantage, it is a very environmental material, which is made with paper rope, paper cord, therefore, the paper cloth curtain can is recycled, and it wont pollute the environment, saving the resource.

1.Please let me simply listed the paper cloth curtain advantages:


3.Mold proof, dampproof, mothproof

4.Unique style

5.Affordable price


recycle paper yarn   Flat Paper Cloth

Jacquard Paper Cloth   recycle paper yarn

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