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Bow Tie Paper Raffia

Brand : Asun

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 7-10 Days

Supply capacity : 30,000,000 Meters

Product description:

Bow Tie Paper Raffia: the use of high-quality 100% pure wood pulp made of Lafite grass, compared to other ribbon, with a more natural texture.
Bow Tie Paper Raffia can be made according to customer needs roll, olive, twist, etc, for a variety of gift dressing, clothing tag, decoration and weaving , Tied and so on.
Bow Tie Paper Raffia will not be like natural pull-like grass wear or tear. It can be used in your next craft, easy to use, can be perfectly tied into a bow.
Bow Tie Paper Raffia has very rich colors, in addition to nearly 100 kinds of colors on the color of the new elegant puree, can according to the customer demand to provide single and double color printing, dyeing, and various patterns.


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