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Paper Rope For Paper Bags

Brand : Asun

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 7-10 Days

Supply capacity : 30,000,000 Meters

Product description:

Paper Rope For Paper Bags: 100% paper manufacturing, a single round, multi-round, multi-strand flat, commonly used specifications: 1.0mm-20mm between. Bright colors, rich, according to the requirements of the production of different twist, diameter and width of the rope.
Finished shape: 1, according to customer requirements cut length into strips, or processing rubber buckle, iron buckle, or processed into Paper Rope For Paper Bags;
2, rewinding into a coil-like (conventional standards: 3mm 5000 m / roll, 3.5-4mm, 3500 m / volume), can also be adjusted according to customer requirements for each volume of rice, for automatic bag machine, hand-cranked machine use.
Paper Rope For Paper Bags is applicable to all kinds of paper bags .

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